&nbspOne of our flagship products are doors made for the individual order. Possibilities of current doors technologies provide the designers and producers with large scope of creativity – from automatic door hinges with seven connection points or access control to hand-made handles and overlapping panels made by Adeco, Rodenberg or Veyna.

    &nbspDoors are not only the entry element. Our offer includes more and more popular HST lift and slide doors. We manufacture them in following systems: Veka Slide, Reynaers CP 155LS, CP 130, CP 50, and Aliplast Visioglide. Door leaves can slide inside and outside construction in monorail system. Construction can contain even six leaves placed in 3-track thresholds.

    &nbspThe latest and the most prestigious element are PVC or aluminum fold & slide doors Reynaers CF 77 or CF 68, which after folding give 95% of open space and threshold may have 0 mm height.